AICD Implantation

AICD (An implantable Cardioverter-defibrillator) is a device fixed with the right ventricle. The device monitors the heart and can detect and fix even the faintest movement of the heart. It can also prevent the problem of arrhythmia with an electric shock to restore its rhythm.

A fast beating heartbeat is dangerous for a patient as it can result in a heart attack. However, AICD stops the heart by regulating the heart rate. The device overcomes the problems arising due to a weaker heart muscle.

Our doctors execute this type of implantation without any hassle. During the procedure, doctors will insert an intravenous line IV in your forearm or arm. After that, the doctor inject an insulated lead wire into the veins. X-Ray helps the doctor in guiding the wires into the heart. After the device gets implanted, our doctors check the heart rhythm and the device simultaneously.


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