Coronary Bypass Surgery

Coronary bypass surgery involves choosing a normal blood vessel from either arms or legs. The blocked artery of the heart gets bypassed into this healthy artery of the body organs. This ensures that the blood flow remains improved throughout the course.

However, coronary bypass surgery doesn't guarantee any cure for heart diseases. Instead, it mends the problems associated with blockages such as coronary artery disease. It makes sure that a patient gets past the symptoms, such as breathing problems and chest pain. Bypass surgery proves to improve heart functioning and reduce the chances of any heart disease.

Coronary bypass surgery requires general anesthesia and sedation for its execution. The cardiologists perform an incision point on the chest of the affected area. After that, our doctors cut down the breastbone along with the ribcage. A heart-lung machine makes sure that the blood circulates uniformly. We can perform either minimally invasive surgery or beating-heart surgery based on the condition.


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