Coronary Angiography

Coronary Angiography requires X-Ray imaging that checks out the heart's blood vessel. The procedure takes place along with cardiac catheterization that helps to treat the condition of the heart. Not only that, but it also fixes the problem associated with its blood vessels.

During Coronary Angiography, a dye is injected into the heart's blood vessel. The X-Ray machine is responsible for capturing multiple images known as angiograms. Our doctors make sure to keep this procedure minimally invasive.

Coronary angiography starts with nurses giving sedation and anaesthesia. The doses of these solutions ensure that patients remain to relax. An intravenous IV line inserted into a vein reaches the heart's blood vessel with the help of X-rays.

Through the incision point, the plastic sheath tube is passed into the blood vessel. During angiography, the doctor decides whether to go for balloon angiography or not. It makes sure that it cleans up unnecessary blockages in the heart.


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